A Vigil of Remembrance and Solidarity


On the Longest Night of the Year and the
National Homeless Person’s Memorial Day

When: December 21st
5:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.


Where: St. Mark’s Lutheran Church
5415 SE Powell Blvd.
Portland, Or 97206

Join us as we...

Gather to name and remember the people who died on Portland’s streets in the last year.

Show support for the Foster Street Shelter and commit to collaborative care of our shared space.

Call on our civic leaders to end punitive sweeps and over-policing.

Commit as a community to ensuring equitable access to
- bathrooms,
- garbage services,
- safe overnight camping areas.

We will gather at St. Mark’s for 3/4 mile silent procession to the Foster Street Shelter, where we will hold the vigil.


Check back on this page for updated information and details on options for those who are not comfortable walking.

Our growing list of sponsors: Southeast Organizing and the Southeast People of Faith, Right 2 Survive,
St. Mark’s Lutheran Church, Agape Village, Rose Community Development, Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Pilgrim Lutheran Church and Operation Nightwatch.

For more information contact Katy Rustvold or Bonnie Beadles-Bohling


Download the current flyer